Set in the not too distant future, a group of people are determined to bring the modern world to its primal knees. From notes in his journal, one of them takes us through the journey to potential apocalypse.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Just settled into my seat on my first part of my journey. On an encrypted data-link. Pinging my online system's security as I upload this entry.

All seems good. If it's not people hacking your network and accessing your data it's people hacking your DNA. HA!

Your immune system is no firewall against a breach on your DNA.

Depart in 20 minutes. Heading SW. 10 hours overnight. Arrive 9.15am.

Today dragged on. Had my last meal at home for a while. Cleaned up. Took one last look at the stacks of hardcopy books in the hallway and living room. Most I'm carrying digitally anyway, but they'll be missed. It's the one luxury-personal-attachment I give myself in this world. They can be given away when the time comes and more collected wherever I find myself living. They are not allowed to hold me down. My backpack is bad enough.

I once took a flight across country, two hours there, two hours back. It was for a meeting in the other city. I took my jacket, mobile and my pad. No carry-on luggage. No baggage to check in. I walked on and walked off. For some reason that was the most liberating feeling I've ever had in my life - if you don't count taking a piss in the wilderness without clothes on. No hands required.

The wheels are in motion: did the dermasvirus transfer onto the lady handing out our drinks orders. I think she thought I was coming on to her. Yeah, likely!

We have officially passed the point of no return.

I've sent a message to the others.

No damn response.

I'm just going to let the passing lights and gentle thrum of the tracks drift me off to sleep.

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