Set in the not too distant future, a group of people are determined to bring the modern world to its primal knees. From notes in his journal, one of them takes us through the journey to potential apocalypse.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Just settled into my seat on my first part of my journey. On an encrypted data-link. Pinging my online system's security as I upload this entry.

All seems good. If it's not people hacking your network and accessing your data it's people hacking your DNA. HA!

Your immune system is no firewall against a breach on your DNA.

Depart in 20 minutes. Heading SW. 10 hours overnight. Arrive 9.15am.

Today dragged on. Had my last meal at home for a while. Cleaned up. Took one last look at the stacks of hardcopy books in the hallway and living room. Most I'm carrying digitally anyway, but they'll be missed. It's the one luxury-personal-attachment I give myself in this world. They can be given away when the time comes and more collected wherever I find myself living. They are not allowed to hold me down. My backpack is bad enough.

I once took a flight across country, two hours there, two hours back. It was for a meeting in the other city. I took my jacket, mobile and my pad. No carry-on luggage. No baggage to check in. I walked on and walked off. For some reason that was the most liberating feeling I've ever had in my life - if you don't count taking a piss in the wilderness without clothes on. No hands required.

The wheels are in motion: did the dermasvirus transfer onto the lady handing out our drinks orders. I think she thought I was coming on to her. Yeah, likely!

We have officially passed the point of no return.

I've sent a message to the others.

No damn response.

I'm just going to let the passing lights and gentle thrum of the tracks drift me off to sleep.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Plane and train tickets have been bought. Hire cars at various areas have been booked and paid for upfront: all with anonymous business accounts.

A few days till the real journey begins. My bag is packed. Travel light.

The team will keep me posted on our subject while I'm on the road. I'll likewise be sending them daily summaries. I haven't had any contact with them today. I think they are filling their respective lavatories and receptacles with bile and diced carrots.

I won't lie, I've felt the urge to dry heave my conscience. But that's all it was dry. No substance.

I must say this journal has been rather cathartic. Seeing my intentions, goals and purpose laid out in black and white makes me aware of the enormity of the task before us. Before me.

Before me?

After me?

What then?

A world of possibilities.

I expect the next few reports on our subject are going to be revealing. There is going to be a dramatic shift. One that will not go unnoticed.

Soon we will need access to her social online connections, doctor and lab results. But that's already set up and accessed. Our penetration is more than just dermal, skin deep. We are diving through the rotting surface of the world, and into it's writhing bloody cancerous mass and pulling hard.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


We're nearly at the stage of buying the various transportation tickets and hire-cars. I've gone over my checklist of personal items, clothing and other travel necessities that I'm going to need.

Feeling somewhat detached from the group as I mentally prepare for this part of the journey. Being from another part of the planet I'm seen as the foreigner, the roamer. They're all attached to their city, their homes, and their safe environments. I left that long ago, and escaped to a new life. I arrived here with minimal baggage - a small backpack and personal ghosts. They've got their lives weighing them down and they don't even know it. I wonder how easy it's going to be for them when the time comes and there's no turning back. Are they going to snivel and whimper at fate's feet? Is there going to be guilt and remorse flying around? Or are they going to step up and drop the shit?

In a way it's like they are using me to distance themselves from the mission. Distance themselves from the very human emotion that genocide brings up in the pit of your stomach.

Nobody else rose to the occasion. I felt the stares and looks of judgment when I took the task. As if they all thought I was the callous one; I was the heartless freak.

Only a week or so of traveling and then I'm back. Back to reality and back to the group. They can all envy me as I tell them of the final days of each city; one of the last of our group to go where the virus will soon wreak havoc.

I'm feeling a bit humbled by the honour. Never thought that would happen. Not like I give a shit about the empires we've built, or the magnitude of man's reach on this planet. But to be the one instrumental in bringing it all down: God that feels good.

Crack! and our concrete idols crumble.

Bang! and our world dies.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Been prepping for the next phase.

Although not being implemented just yet, the necessary plans need to be carefully laid out and locations confirmed and contacts double-checked.

I'll be crossing borders, meeting new, like-minded people. A few plane rides, railroads and a bicycle or two, will enable the safe dispersion of the global dermasvirus - the final strain! Once that has been successfully completed it's just a matter of waiting for the date to arrive. The greatest event that anyone has ever witnessed on such a scale. Millions of people will be watching it unfold across continents. No one will be immune. No class, no race, no one other than humans - and a select few.

Those select few will bring the stability that the world so dearly craves. Subconsciously man is yearning for this rebirth. They just don't know it.

It will be like the dawning of the Iron Age. All the tools will be available to us, but we will set the standards up front. For the betterment of the species and quality of life on Earth - the wholeness of the planet considered. Not a prettier species, or the massaging of a superiority complex.

Down to Earth. Up with the planet.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I still don't get it: P00109 still insists on raising his concern for the level at which we are distributing the DNAvirus. For some reason he thinks that a "firm message" needs to be sent rather than the destruction that we plan.

"Oh, please Joe Shmoe, please don't manipulate your DNA to make you a better person. Please don't warp what evolution has taken billions of years to perfect. Please don't turn yourself into an egocentric megalomaniac."

We've been harping on these issues for over 2 decades. We've protested. We've boycotted. We've terrorised. Now is the time to pull the pin on the grenade that they are willingly holding in their hands; the grenade that they've been daring nature to fight back with. Well, nature's about to get a friendly hand. And like the grenade, it's all going to blow up in their faces and there's bugger-all they can do about it. Blow there noses off to spite their faces.

Killing one person for the cause is a smudge on the tarmac. Killing a group of people causes a traffic jam - questions, answers, contingency plans, and paranoia. Kill a city and there's global awareness in half a day. Kill a country and the world goes mental. That's a message! Not a couple of post-it notes slapped onto the foreheads of passersby. Small-time wastes Time. Time with a capital T-N-T!

The 3rd World War is about to be declared and it's not between the countries of the world. It's between the people that think they hold the power and the ones that REALLY hold the power. There's no one to retaliate against. There's no one to aim their missiles at. And best of all, there's no borders to invade. Who do they stop when it's all begun?

They've said long ago that the death of the human race will not come from within, but from without. Viruses evolve. Viruses get stronger. Viruses come back at ya.

We've just put our own 2 cents worth into the mix for good measure.

Let's see what brews.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Here follows this morning's midnight meeting:

DNA Pirate: Before we begin any formal structure here, I'd like to firstly apologise for the comm unit theft - out of my hands so to speak. But secondly that we need to foresee these kinds of things happening and what's the point of going to all the trouble of getting serials wiped and randomisers installed if we then get pulled from our assignments when we hit a snag? Right. Let's begin.

P00101: Thanks for that. I don't think we need to get into that debate right now. The reports that P00108 and P00104 have been providing are beneficial to the project and the ongoing work. Thanks guys. We do seem on track for the final stage, but the reports are vital for the various stages and their possible symptoms.

P00104: I'd like to add that the research, the data collecting, and the technical knowledge of the entire dermasvirus team have created a marvel that should be respected on every level.

DNA Pirate: Are the symptoms of the subject in any way in line with what you'd projected? I want to know if there's any deviation from the goal here?

P00104: So far it is all on track. You can never fully predict, but we're strong.

DNA Pirate: Excellent. I'd also like us to consider moving our initiation date forward a week.

P00109: What?

P00104: We can't deviate...

DNA Pirate: I don't see how it would change the...

P00109: This is crazy. We need to know what we're dealing with here first.

DNA Pirate: We know what we're going to be dealing with.

P00104: 90% sure at this stage. 10% unknown.

DNA Pirate: I thought you said.

P00104: There's always a margin of error or deviation.

P00109: Deviation from the plan. We agreed!

P00101: Can we keep it ordered here? The focus remains. The plan remains. There is no deviation. The only deviation allowed for is the dermasvirus itself and any contingency plans that we've drafted.

DNA Pirate: Just a suggestion. It shouldn't make any difference if we're going to set it in motion no matter what. It's just the level of effect that's going to vary - surely.

P00109: I still don't think that we should do anything more than what we're doing to this subject and her family or colleagues. The message will be clear enough.

DNA Pirate: people have a low attention span. After a week it will be in the gutters of the media and side note in a conspiracy theorists networking page.

P00109: Fuck. Whatever.

P00101: Again, back to the draft contingency plans. You'll each receive a copy. I'm not going to go through it tonight. But I want your thoughts and suggestions asap.

DNA Pirate: (the usual points were raised and tedious admin dealt with).

P00101: P00108 has her early morning tomorrow so we're going to adjourn. As always, these meetings are to raise issues - briefly - to address anything that may come up late in the week, and to meet face to face: to remind each of us that we still remain a unified group. The faces before you are those that we trust and respect for what we can bring to this campaign.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Our subject has started to show signs of the virus. Although pretty arbitrary to the average Joe Shmoe it's there and it's exciting. It's like watching a baby being born; the golden sunrise on a brand new day.

P00108's report shows that although not noticeably run down, she doesn't look like the perkiest flower in the vase (my words). Every now and again she reaches into her scarf to scratch the tender skin around her neck. Sign number one. Then, with her arms folded, she twists and turns her wrists inside her jacket and gloves. Sign number two. The next few days will expose the raw and vulnerable skin to the elements - further aggravating the surface area.

Her discomfort is just beginning. In a way I feel a tingle in my skin - imagining what it must feel like. Then a shiver, and finally a warm safe feeling envelopes me. After all, P00104's DNAvaccine was implemented within the entire group a week beforehand, so we're all safe and snug in our cocoons of wellness. But still, it is very humbling to know how close we are to the full blown virus. Humbling and empowering.

But let's wait and see how it all unfolds. I feel totally exhilarated.

At midnight we all meet.